Be a Beer Unicorn, Not a Beer Dick

So...brace yourself. I'm about to get real opinionated. And, you may not like my opinions and that's okay. We don't have to be beer besties...

There seems to be a trend in the craft beer community where shaming and shitting on fellow craft beer enthusiasts, new craft beer drinkers...non-craft beer drinkers has become cool. Well, I don't think it's cool. I think it's exactly the thing that is going to crush craft beer and leave us all drinking big beer brands, with no other options,  in the near future. 

I want YOU to be a beer unicorn, not a beer dick. 

Spread Welcoming Beer Knowledge Like the Magical Being You Are 

What the f*ck is a beer unicorn? It's simple. Someone that spreads beer knowledge with open-minded, welcoming banter. "Hey, I see you're drinking "America's Beer"...Do you mind if I buy you a craft lager?" 

Beer unicorns educate people. They don't shame them. They say "Drink what you love and here's why I drink this local craft beer." They help people find the style of craft beer they'd like the most. They exchange ideas and ask thoughtful questions...

They give hugs and shake hands. They smile and make new friends. They let people know that craft beer isn't an inclusive, exclusive club. It's for everyone. Because, if you REALLY love craft beer, you'll want it to be around for your grandkids to enjoy. And huddling up in a circle with your beer snob friends, while snickering at the guy who doesn't know what double IPA is,  will never be the way to make that happen. 

Take Your Dick Out of the Glass 

What the f*ck is a beer dick? A beer dick is someone that sees other people drinking beer they consider sub-par and calls them out. Makes fun of their lack of beer knowledge. You know who you are.

What's up buttercup? Yes...I'm talking to you. 

They troll beer groups and get their friends to troll with them. They exchange snarky conversations and shame innocent customers at liquor stores...

You know who you are. You, good sir, are ruining it for the rest of us. You're ruining it for the entire community and industry you claim to support. 

You're not a bad person. You're just misguided. So, come over to our side. 
Be the beer unicorn you want to see in the world. 

And, in the end, if it upsets you that I'm encouraging our community to be kind to others...then, I guess that just demonstrates what a dick you are. Enjoy that when you're forced to drink something "Brewed the hard way", because there's nothing left to drink. 

Catherine Contreras

Catherine Contreras is a proud San Antonio, Texas native with a passion for craft beer and inappropriate banter. She brings one new and hilarious podcast episode to over 3,000 listeners every week. Each episode highlights Texas craft beer and is filled with inappropriate and side splitting comedy. She is also a proud member of the BarbacoApparel family. A San Antonio based apparel company that caters to Texans and Texans at heart.