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Shocking Places to Get Craft Beer in San Antonio

We all know about the good ol' standbys for craft beer here in San Antonio...but, I was shocked as sh*t to find out that some of these places had craft beer too...Check out my list of shocking places to get craft beer in San Antonio. If you know of more shocking places to get craft beer in San Antonio, put it in the comments and I'll add it to my list! 

Earl Abels

You can get your fried chicken with a side of Busted Sandal or Alamo Beer! Are you as shocked as me?! I hope so. 


Say what?! can get local craft beer at Seaworld. That is some crazy sh*t. 

San Antonio Rodeo 

Rodeo, San Antonio!..and do it with some f*cking Freetail! 


Say, what?!!...Yes, you can get local craft beer at select Walmart's in San Antonio. Do it, ya'll. 

Valero- 421 Valley Hi Dr. 

This Valero has a shockingly good selection of craft beer. Get your gas and your brew at the same time! 

Toro Taco Bar 

Not SUPER shocking; but, still worth mentioning that they have delicious f*cking tacos and sh*t load of local Texas craft beer.