S4 Ep5- Künstler Brewing

S4 Ep5- Künstler Brewing

Join Catherine and Jackie as they sit down for a Sunday Funday at Künstler Brewing in San Antonio, Texas. They chat with founder and head brewer Vera Deckard about all that tasty, tasty beer. Also, this week's Someone Get Them a F*cking beer and much more!

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S4 Ep 3- Southerleigh Brewing, Jeremy Banas author of Pearl: The History of San Antonio's Iconic Beer

S4 Ep 3- Southerleigh Brewing, Jeremy Banas author of Pearl: The History of San Antonio's Iconic Beer

Join Catherine and Jackie for another hilarious craft beer episode from Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewing! We sit down with head brewer Les Locke and chat it up with beer author Jeremy Banas. He'll tell us all about his new book Pearl: A History of San Antonio's Iconic Beer. Plus, our new segment "Someone Give Them a Beer" and we chat a little about the upcoming Taco Fest: Music Y Mas! All that and much, much more on this week's episode of the She's Crafty Podcast. 


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All that beer, all those badass women! 
Special Musical Guest: Claudine Meinhardt
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S3 Ep7- Altmeyer & Lewis Brewing, Musical Guest Shane Walker

S3 Ep7- Altmeyer & Lewis Brewing, Musical Guest Shane Walker

Join Catherine for another hilarious episode of the She's Crafty Podcast! This time, head down the road to San Marcos, Texas where she sits down with the craft beer brewing duo Altmeyer & Lewis Brewing. This week's musical guest is Shane Walker

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S3 Ep6- Independence Brewing, Tacos and Texas, Musical Guest Dot O

S3 Ep6- Independence Brewing, Tacos and Texas, Musical Guest Dot O

Join Catherine Contreras and sit down with Independence Brewing's owner Amy Cartright and local beer rep Kevin Hobbins. Also, the bad ass co-author of the ultimate taco reference, Tacos of Texas, Mando Rayo. They're sipping on the collaborative brew Revolucion Siason and talking all things tacos! Musical Guest: Dot O



S3 EP5- Girl in a Coma, Larry Garza and Busted Sandal Brewing

S3 EP5- Girl in a Coma, Larry Garza and Busted Sandal Brewing

Join Catherine LIVE from the Bang Bang Bar with Girl in a Coma, comedian Larry Garza and beer expert Hoppy Chulo from Busted Sandal Brewing! 

S3 Ep4- Beer and Tacos with BarbacoApparel

S3 Ep4- Beer and Tacos with BarbacoApparel

It's all Texas craft beer, comedy and tacos on this episode of the She's Crafty Podcast. Join Catherine Contreras and San Antonio's favorite t-shirt company, BarbacoApparel,  as they dish over Ranger Creek Brewing's Mission Trail and San Antonio Lager; and Freetail Brewing's Cerveza! Find out where their favorite places to get drunk are, how they overcame their traumatic childhoods and why it's not okay to steal other people's queso! Listen NOW! 

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S3 Ep3: Sugar High-All That Craft Root Beer, Though

S3 Ep3: Sugar High-All That Craft Root Beer, Though

Listen as Catherine's kids take over the She's Crafty Podcast to review four different styles of craft root beer! What kind of mom is Catherine? Find out in this episode! 

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S3 Ep2-Trappist Beer Travels

S3 Ep2-Trappist Beer Travels

In this episode of the She's Crafty Podcast join Catherine for a LIVE Q&A from the Hoppy Monk in San Antonio, Texas with Caroline Wallace, Sarah Wood, and Jessica Deahl. The three authors of the Trappist Beer Travels. Learn about their adventures, the amazing beers and the mysterious monks they met along the way. 
To buy a copy of the Trappist Beer Travels, visit www.trappiestbeertravels.com 

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S3 Ep1- It's All Fun and Games

Season 3 is finally here! But, first, let's revisit some of our favorite games with our favorite guests. Take a stroll down memory lane as Catherine and former co-host Brandi beat prior audience members into a drunken submission with craft beer games. 

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Music by: bensound.com

Full Audio Transcript 

which is sponsored by barbacoapparel 

become apparel of the San Antonio based

independent clothing line that caters to

Texans and Texans at heart to find out

more about barbecue apparel or to buy

your favorite taco t go to barbacoa

apparel calm you're listening to the

she's crafty podcast a comedy and craft

beer podcast taped in San Antonio Texas

home of the Alamo breakfast tacos and

the best craft beer in the Lone Star




yes perfect are you ready to play a game

I'm always ready to play it okay there's

nothing I love more than watching people

fail miserably

all right in front of you everybody

hello good friends hi how are you guys

awesome awesome okay we're gonna play a

game so today's game is called Kris

kringles Christmas quote game okay I

just made that up right now

you guys super impressed by that I want

immensely are you I can tell there so

what I'd like you to do is think here do

you like this sweater let me tell you

I'm gonna give you guys a little

background about my sweater my mother

made this sweater in 1987 this is a true

fact she used real puffy paint it's

vintage you like that I asked her today

exciting new yeah I knew she had this in

her closet and I was like mom just go

get me back okay so if you do me a favor

and introduce yourself and tell us where

you're from thanks homie my name is


and I'm from right here in San Antonio

whoo shout out San Antonio I work on

Volkswagen diesel cars so everyone hates

me right now oh yeah I own a Jetta

I own a jet over each other I Drive it

with pride I've no three Jetta yeah oh

you have a Jetta - yeah except gasoline

version 1.18 yeah my destiny my name is

Jo Garlits I am also from San Antonio

Texas said I am a coffee roaster at a

local coffee do you want it you go ahead

and pretend like I remember you guys

yeah I work for Merritt roasting Cove um

we just had our roasting facility about

a year ago it's also local coffee also

local clapping yeah awesome okay and

tell us your name and where you're from

I am from San Antonio Texas Oh awesome

and this is San Antonio crowd tonight

it's exciting

and they have wonderful beer well yes

Lee but I've never tasted but this bar

has wonderful yeah

hoppy monk shout out our home away from

home okay so we're gonna play a little

game I'm gonna start at the end with

Robby I'm gonna give you a quote okay

and then you're gonna tell me i'ma give

you multiple choice two options you're

gonna tell me which two do you want more

than that

or is that not enough for you I don't oh

you're just clarifying

I said 22 is what I said okay and then

you're gonna tell me which movie it is

it's super easy right or the hardest

game you've ever played here we go we'll

see what happens the winner of this game

will win two tickets to the san antonio

the stars and garters burlesque show at

brick a brick at blue star right and

what is the date for that show December

19th briquette blue star stars regards

bless you okay you ready Robbie yes are

you sure yes how ready are you percent

on a scale of one to ten you're uh ten

okay ready look daddy teacher says every

time a bell rings an angel gets its

wings is that it's a Wonderful Life or

is it white Christmas it's a wonderful

life it's a wonderful life that's well

done sir you got that right

just a side note Rachel if you could

keep track because we all know that I'd

very bad at that and I will give the

ticket to the wrong person

yeah somebody keep track of this game

because I can't do it okay are you ready

to go yes give me your name one more

time I'm Joe Joe oh well I should have

remembered that it's a pretty day it's

pretty easy yeah look Charlie let's face

it we all know that Christmas is a big

commercial racket

it's run by big Eastern syndicate

syndicate you know is that a Christmas

story or a Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Chris that is corrected at

the Charlie Brown Christmas season we're

starting out with the easy one we're

gonna make a movie and then we're gonna

get harder are you ready

beautiful girl you're gonna do great

you're gonna get simple yeah but 50/50

shot you have a 32 job okay you'll shoot

your eye out kid is that Christmas story

our National Lampoon's Christmas



well I don't know if we can count that

but it was a Christmas time and the

Christmas sorry okay are you lose you

have to pay the tab the tables tab when

you win you get a koozie when you lose

you pay the tables that's how this game

goes okay are you ready Robbie yes


Robbie it's ready to go we're kicking

off our fun old-fashioned family

Christmas by heading out to the country

in front of a front-wheel drive sleigh

to embrace the frosty majesty of the

winter landscape and select the most

important of Christmas symbols did you

get all that the multiple choice okay

are you ready Jeff yeah this is

extremely important will you please tell

Santa that instead of presents this year

I just want my family back no toys

nothing but Peter K buzz Megan Linney

and Jeff and my aunt and my cousins and

if he has time my Uncle Frank okay it's

gonna be really hard this is a difficult

one is it a Christmas carolers at home

alone it's definitely home alone that's

an elastic obviously no real rules in

this game okay are you ready tonight

you ready to go let's put that can you

put them can you put the mic closer to

your mouth let me hear you there we go

okay ready

I gotta tell you Santa there's something

about this place that doesn't seem quite

kosher is that jingle all the way or the

Santa Claus just take us just whatever

to take a stab at it good job

I heard Matt woo because he is a white

girl in the back yeah you Matt I am not

keeping score brandy that's not my job

okay perfect she's got it she's a

graphing calculator over there she's

keeping it all together

okay Rabi are you HOT cuz you got a

hoodie and a jacket on girl yeah you

look a little flushed I didn't want to

mention it but I'm saying okay first

we'll make snow angels for two hours

then we'll go ice skating then we'll eat

a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough

as fast as we can then we'll snuggle is

that elf or a Charlie Brown Christmas oh

it is al these are too easy yeah okay

Joe you ready yeah seeing is believing

but sometimes the most real things in

the world are the things we can't see is

that Miracle on 34th Street or the Polar

Express I don't think I've seen either

one let's do uh I know

let's do Polar Express Oh okay are you


you in it to win it it came without

ribbons it came without tags it came

without packages boxes or bags maybe

Christmas doesn't come from a store

maybe Christmas

means a little bit more is it Rudolph

the red-nosed reindeer or How the Grinch

Stole Christmas okay she got it right I

mean where we at Rachael with the game

oh we had a tiebreaker between Robbie

and Joe you know eventually they run out

of clothes you guys didn't know this but

the tiebreaker is a little bit of Fight

Club so if you want to get up and take

your jackets off we can get this started

no okay let's do the last quote bet you

we're peaceful people so this is what

we'll do is for the last one I'll just

give you the quote and whoever yells it

out first the answer will win good sure

and I have little blood I don't mind

putting it out there it is right there's

a certain magic that comes with the very

first snow for when this first snow is

also a Christmas snow

well something wonderful is bound to

happen oh you do me to say it again all

right you got it you're you're intensely

looking at me I don't know if you know

that it's making me uncomfortable

shifter I guess it's a multiple choice

what's that we get the multiple I'm

gonna give you multiple choice yeah but

I just wanted to make sure you have the

quote before I give you multiple choice

okay okay so is it the night before

Christmas or Frosty the Snowman Frosty

the Snowman Joe Joe it's two tickets and

stars and garters burlesque show on

December 19th at brick at the blue star

and I thank you guys for playing all of

our other contestants you need a tip jar

for that there's a lot of Tolley popping

on this that's a little bit of his beat

earlier I think we might do a little

like a little New Year's be resolution

with our audience yeah maybe give away

something kind of awesome if anybody has

do another couple of audience members

would like to come up and tell us about

their beer solutions for 2016 anybody I

do have you know enough Sun Life Lauren

Lauren what do you want to do come on

baby no come here more beautiful version

of me Lauren would have yeah beer of

course she does it's gonna be so much

better gold

come over here the daughter my mom

wishes she had so my beers resolution or

beer beer solution B resolution thank

you I've been drinking a lot of beer is

to come to more she's crafty fun

way to top all of us I just told brandy

the other day I want to go to less she's

crafty podcast and she was like you

don't need me

you are replaced oh shit just like that

just so just like that I got replaced by

Lauren anybody else have a beer laughing

oh here we go here we go come here buddy

look at those pants though come here and

let me see your pants okay we're about

without a line for me

oh it's a shirt I thought it had plaid

pants on our super certain hey what's

your name I'm saying I'm Christy I know

there's my brother that's a fancy name

what's your name Nikhil oh my god what

are you guys guys are exotic your beer

what's your B resolution for 2016


you want to make a video game related he

said he wants to make a video game and

then he related it to beer and said he

wants to drink a lot of beer while he's

making a perfect perfect did you just

stand up to come up here I don't think I

I don't think

I was like come on come on all right

believe in yourself want to kill more

you can do it you're better than this

look into those eyes of Brian you want

to look more into Brian's eyes I think

you drink more beer you can look at more

longing while they're doing it right

that making me well Brian's got some

serious eyebrow action you'd like Falkor

Nick told us earlier though that he was

one of the thing he's actually trying to

do is he's he's working at the the specs

up here at gluten-free beer I say aren't

there some decent gluten-free beers

Bard's Tale is great really multi really

nice I like Daraa Daraa is really good

and delicious IPAs like I say have that

here it has like a red barn on the front

that one decent or no to happily there's

a brewery called and they do all

gluten-free beers and they're actually

it's free from all flavor no but he was

saying that he wants to learn more about

more about wine and and stuff and like

nice move out in his alcohol

recommendations and sort of like the

same such as you want he wants to learn

more about the the culture of the

different types of alcohol and and the

the way to talk about and describe it

for people yeah

that's like a big hump to get over I

think it is yeah besides just tasting

something and saying like oh it's good I

like it or like oh the notes in this

circle right that's of people saying yes

yes I know my dough you do have to do it

yeah what are these guys and their beer

solution whoa thank you guys so much

whoo what do we do who wins well I

didn't have a beer solution that

involved like drinking more beer and

losing weight so I don't feel like it's

appropriate for me to get one I feel

like I'm really self-centered and so I

think that Lauren should win Lauren

definitely way because she talked about

me yes and you ran and us and when she's

pasty fat yeah congratulations Lauren

brandy brandy what does she won learned

you are going to get a she's crafty

podcast t-shirt oh and don't worry guys

we didn't forget about you you will also

walk away with a she's crafty koozie and

a headshot signed by me and Brandi yes

yeah we just have to find a pretty just

have to have somebody take the photos

and then print it out or could say is

there like a sketch artist here yeah

both sign in yes I totally came a

prepared a crafty off-day crafty so

before we go which I had so much fun oh

best podcast ever best in the heat in

the history of podcasts and I listen to

a lot of that right this one this one

the best the best yeah yes I mean it was

definitely my favorite to record I don't

know how listened to but you know

hopefully it's good hopefully people

enjoy listening to it right I think so

if it sucks I'll add a bunch of sound

effects oh yeah she likes to make it

beefy with the sound effects that I love

it what do you guys think in the future

right now listening to it

it's a good



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let's talk to you barrel arbitrary limit

now there's some reports that say that

this one's been dropped down $155 so

what is this



cranberry who recently got bought out by


and your gallon who I don't know if

anybody knows who owns Deep Ellum but

it's not independent craft so what the

bill states is any craft bird that has

more than 25 percent ownership by

another brewer or group that also holds

breweries within their portfolio is now

going to be subjected to every rule and

what this taproom law is going to do is

the beer that they sell in their tap

will now have to be sold to the

distributor at wholesale this purchased

back from that distributes

which means in the case of Awesome

ACLU's since that tells ll did you

drinking that is so crisp and delicious

individual American hell le

they have to sell it to their

distributor and then pay the markup and

then they spell



we're all exempted from this bill which

means of all the breweries I mentioned

earlier the only one that really gets a

short end of the stick on this is Oskar

Blues Oskar Blues also reported last

year before they open their brewery in

Austin they were not going to get

involved in the Texas politics directly

as them is been involved into the craft

legislation their help the other piece

of legislation that I want to talk about

let's call this the craft beers

Modernization Act and this is actually a

great piece of legislation that's going

through our National Congress right now

it has a lot of support on both sides of

the aisle

currently Brewers that produce less than

sixty thousand barrels in tariffs are

required to pay in the neighborhood



we free up anywhere from 50 to 120

thousand dollars in capital this is

going to allow our local independent

Texas crafters to hire the sales staff

today the higher order to give their





so until next week be sure to be with

Blake and be sure to check out the

website wwlp.com

where are your local Texas craft brewery

news or economics and politics but it's

inside of the beer industry that you

don't often see thank you until next

week are you looking for a safe way to

explore craft beer in our area we'll

look no further

crap Cruiser is here to save the summer

and cart you and your friends all over

San Antonio and the Hill Country from

local craft beer bars the best breweries

around craft cruiser is the premier

brewery tour in town it's a family owned

business with a passion for great craft

beer buy single tickets or check out

their group packages for bachelor and

bachelorette parties company outings and

much much more

don't drink and drive just drink and

cruise with craft cruiser for more

information go to their website and I

say craft cruiser calm those of you that

listen to this show know that I am madly

in love with the Alamo City so it is no

surprise that some of my favorite beers

come from Freetail brewing the

unofficial beer of San Antonio they make

damn good food and damn good beer so

hang with the local and check out

Freetail brewing for more information go

to their website free tale brewing com


so the name of our game tonight is a

southern stars born we're gonna start

with Paul

so Paul song was wrote that was hello

from Adele hello it was hello hello are

you ready for this

it's remember are you guys intimidated

you just sing whatever is in your heart

you pour it into the mic beer beer

becomes cakey and we need a ring tone

ring beer beer beer beer beer all right

so hello from the bar I must have called

a thousand times to tell you I'm a

little drunk from everything that I've

had to drink but when I call you never

want to come out seem to be away hello

from the bar at least I could say that

I've tried a bunch of beers I'm tapped

here oh I'll tell you I'm sorry for

breaking your beer record but it don't


untappd clearly doesn't matter to you

anymore great out done okay who's next

whoever would like to go next can come

whole ADEs first he said that's the one

time that chivalry fucking sucks ass

right okay so I had all about that bass


beer pppppp really yeah my mama told me

she don't she told me don't worry about

your Yeti size she says boys they like a

little more bombshell to drink at night

oh you know I won't be no Cosmo drinking

Boone's Farm chugging troll so if that's

what you're into go ahead and move along

because I'm all about that beard about

that beard

no vino a bal about that beard about

that beard novena I'm all about PAP here

about that beer

novena turning into a country song tough

act to follow

I'm excited for this one I learned lean

yeah that's it drink forgot you can add

in some dumbass dance moves for extra

credit make youtube understand you used

to drink beer on my cellphone at night

then slurp in my ear used to drink beer

on the cellphone on and when you finish

burp in my ear I know when the bottles

clink okay that can only mean one thing

the more that your fuckers drink all say

here at a second one Paul you have a

second song Paul brought two songs the

table today oh yeah I want you to really

sing this shit like by the way be on

video because I want I need this

reaction for a mashup coming into March

yeah oh yeah actually could hold your

own mic if you wanted to be alright you

want me to hold it for you okay I'll

just hold your fucking mic for you I

hired you for that that's why we're here

right you can't bribe the judges this

isn't Russia Sorry Sorry

all right so my second song was don't

say you're not a rapper believe in

yourself you're right you're right it

was yelling at one shot Blake from no

label I must have called you a thousand

times to tell you I'm calling you out

Oh for everything that's beer related

but when I call you never answer oh seem

to be afraid

hello from no label brewing at least I

could say I tried to tell you it's on Oh


and maybe unzips his pant I don't you

but it don't matter clearly people don't

want bombshell anymore oh you just got

real in here I'm gonna get shot Paul

tell us where this inspiration came from

so this inspiration came from the beer

battle that Blake and I are gonna have

March 8th at big hops bitters you come

out you get to try bombshell you get it

try points for voting bombshell our

first street blonde from no label

brewing first rate you pay and you get

to choose march madness style which beer

is better bombshell I like it don't

listen to bleep at the end they both

fight oh it's so heated actually be on

our podcast after this battle so we're a

villa see who would people vote stick in

his chest out or hiding his head or

hiding we're gonna find out after

listening to the three songs I don't

think that last one really counts

because I was just added I was just

added in so after listening to those

that was just that was just all being

gangster sit down after those three

songs who's the winner sir ooh can I go

first second third yes start with third

though and don't Steve has our third who

gets third you're not famous enough to

mess us up yeah exactly what we told you

that all right I forgot everybody's

names already know my dog just go by

that okay just because Blake you were

are in the podcast I'm gonna have to

give you third that's just for that

thank you

there's a guy at the doorway and new

trophy it's terrible feeling right to be

a loser how does it let your whole

brewery down yeah

obvious people are like fuck we thought

no label is gonna bring it but got away

he brought nothing at least our beer

bring beers good yeah second place goes

the hot bling cuz you didn't share your

wings I told you bring your weight to

the table - wait wait please

then he can bring one didn't even bring

one you would have one this is Russia so

for first place for originality for

making it a country the country version

young lady the UN if she's crafty shirt

and a koozie you could come right up

here and pick the one that you want and

had a hiding rad you guys can each pick

she's crafty kuzey don't all rush up at

once a little bit more exciting do you

know that was fun that was really

exciting everything brought their a-game

they did that was on people's a game

just is really bad board that sports

all-around good sports all around I love

it I like it a lot the game that we're

gonna play is called the drunken pirate

because we just drink a pirate here

that's what Todd says but I don't

believe in because I don't feel like a

pirate oh yes they did

don't question what you don't know let's

give them each of Mike if we can if you

guys want to get real nice and close I

promise we're all wearing deodorant well

I don't know about this guy but we I am

I know Marcos knock see it's like a

sweat rag with him I know I know I'm

teasing I don't I don't know what he

uses it for I have an idea after how

much he's been flirting with Todd what

he uses it for okay you ready I actually

really love Marco I think he's like the

nicest person ever and so he's a real

nice like he's a good target you know

okay so the name of this game is drunken


giving you each a famous beer quote I'm

sorry baby does it not visit okay

perfect : I gave you each a quote and

what I had you translated into drunken

pirate right so you're I'm gonna have

you go first good sir

tell us your name get rid ago the mic my

name is Ronnie hey Ronnie are you from

San Antonio I am yes ma'am nice to meet


okay so tell us your quote first in just

regular English a woman is like beer

they look good they smell good and you'd

step over your own mother just to get

one okay that's here your pirate version

are you ready

we'll talk about it later

a beauty is like a grog they look jolly

they smell jolly and you'd step over yon

mother just to get one nice okay madam

your name's I'm Kalin

but what Kailen Kailen okay beautiful

hat by the way

beautiful are you from San Antonio


Selena Selena forever

okay so first how is your quote in just

regular English okay get real nice and

close to the mic for me I figured out an

alternative to giving up my beer

basically we become a family of

traveling acrobats

okay everybody for your pirate version

hey matey I figured out and all to

giving up me grog we need to be a cruise

live in Accra matey's do you know Google

this right

like what the fuck is a grog okay a grog

is something you drink

I don't know everything Marco okay

you're trim sweet pea

what's your name Liz Liz are you from

San Antonio yes Liz from San Antonio Oh

Marco says hi look how excited he oh you

can buy them from him yeah so way to go

now he's now he's gonna make you buy

something so way to go okay go ahead and

tell us your quote okay all right brain

I don't like you and you don't like me

so let's just do this and I'll get back

to killing you with beer all right let's

hear your pirate drunken pirate version

I've asked me brain I didn't go liking

you and you haven't liked me so let me

get back to doing this and I'll keep

slaying you with beer same as a nice

whoa dad I'm super impressed I'm

SuperDuper impressed

okay so Marco and Todd do you need a

moment to discuss it I actually I

wouldn't get to him this is a tough one

I want to see it they went to like

pirate translation calm and this is

really good

yeah we all know we all know that you

can just go to Google Translate and go

from English to pirate for the record

Katherine is still not Marco I feel like

a crow matey

well grog I also didn't know what a grog

was but there's two of them put grog in

there but the acro matey that was the

one I'm with Todd on this one which one

was that number two for two two passes

to the Texas beer bus which I'm gonna

grab for you right now congratulations

congratulations Corpus Christi grab a

koozie from the table for you and you

can have one as well let me grab your

tickets wrong I'll throw in an Odell


Wow look at how generous people are from

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