S3 EP5- Girl in a Coma, Larry Garza and Busted Sandal Brewing

Join Catherine LIVE from the Bang Bang Bar in San Antonio, Texas for another amazing episode of Texas craft beer and comedy. With special guest host comedian Larry Garza, musical guests Girl in a Coma and beer expert Hoppy Chulo from Busted Sandal Brewing

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Full Audio Transcript

you're listening to the she's crafty

podcast a comedy and craft beer podcast

taped in San Antonio Texas home of the

Alamo breakfast tacos and the best craft

beer in the Lone Star State this episode

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what is my fantasy karaoke song if I

could sing it see okay so there that's

that that could be taken to ways like

what song do you like to do when you

karaoke or what's your fantasy karaoke

song fantasy karaoke like you could sing

anything my fantasy karaoke song would

be fantasy coincidentally by Mariah

Carey but I can't pull that off so I

could do the ODB part dude I'd like show

off your legs I'm wearing a Slayer shirt

as demonic as I as I can be and then

sing though Mariah Carey song yeah

that's the fantasy and then get all

these metalheads like into it okay so

welcome to another episode of the she's

crafty podcast

I'm your host Kathryn clematis or

contreras depending on who I'm talking


yeah cuz I got one of those names right

we're at the big big bar how fucking

awesome is that

guys yeah that's pretty cool shit yeah

you're what I'm a mom yeah you are a mom

your mother

yeah you're a bad mother yeah no I got

it I work it in my uterus yeah my

special gas hosted a fucking Larry Garza

I'm a guest host died twice twice yeah

came back to life bit bigger than Jesus

I could like John Lennon said yeah Jesus

only died once comedian of choice for

the White Walkers Yeah right for the

White Walkers yes is that the term for

Trump supporters oh okay

undead Trump supporters that's the same

thing yeah okay

yeah White Walkers roads you know what

Game of Thrones you think I have HBO I

don't have HBO I steal my brothers HBO

Go gone threat us oh it's a trade God

thank you thank you for still being here

for not dying

there's no prob and thanks for having me

yes yes so for listeners that don't know

I had have stage 4 cancer and I was

cleared this morning so I'm elated

exactly so I said you know what since my

my kidneys cleared cancer

my brains cleared cancer and my lungs

clear cancer let's do a fucking beer

podcast in the smoking section of a bar

I was yeah why not I live on the edge

you only live twice guys I did bring a

friend of very good friend of mine I'd

say so

beer nerd is what I like to call him one

of my very very good friends mr. Jeremy

Peck aka BYOB underscore Kenobi Jeremy


and then of course last but never least

the adorable happy chulo from busted

sandals bringing us the beer and I do

want to shout out the bang bang bar

because the bang bang bar is where I

shot my comedy special Big Mama God in

the haze alive monster show I'd like to

shoot funny and Jen a big giant thank

you for allowing me to do that it was

you know I'm gonna die I need to record

all my jokes yeah I was gonna Oh - ready

nurse sublime it and just be frickin

postmortem famous but luckily I didn't

die and I didn't become famous yeah

exactly you know no shit yeah

awesome well let's well first of all

funny are you I'm sure your your beer

drinker yeah your craft beer drinker

what are your some of your favorite yeah

yeah that word that blood orange awesome

Eastsider have you had that one that

one's really good yeah I really liked

strawberry harvest since you brought up

the strawberry beers have you had that I

know what it's by but it's fucking

delicious I was at what are we drinking

happy okay alright good a seedless

seedless watermelon now this is from

busted all right so okay question took

my beer nerd friend Jeremy when you're

when you're tasting a beer is it

supposed to be ice-cold that's the

question I've always I've always had I

think ideal degrees depends on what kind

of beer drinking ideal degrees first out

is probably between shit you went

straight up degrees we had yeah I wasn't

thinking like cold why is that because

it gets warmer right do you know why you

have to drink Bud Light really cool why

the taste like shit that's like like

literal shit all right so I guess but

life's not a sponsor okay so we're gonna

try the sendee a 210 is out it's Cod all

right sandy a 210 for us it's natal here

we go and that is really it's delicious

like the watermelon rinds good I've

always felt that IPAs tastes like

grapefruit rhymes and this has that I've

always I was always a fan of the

watermelon rinds I ate done summer break

go watermelons

you got green yeah that was my favorite

part Lucas you trim it give that glass a

rimjob this moment with you yes I love

it now this is really really good I

enjoyed very much what would this be

considered a blonde ale do you know what

I like about this is you could you could

drink several of these right

it's sessionable yeah what do you think

Jamie perfect for the weather yeah so

nerd' it up German Lee talk about the

fucking fruit notes and shit and the

flavor profile strawberry shortcake what

do you think

she doesn't like beer oh she doesn't

like beer oh okay okay so yeah yeah that

that's why I was like kind of on the low

letting her taste it because like if we

could find a beer that my wife likes

then kid number three yeah kid number

three yeah maybe with her that's my mom

and my brother was like hey you're gonna

wear barbacoa pearl right and I was like

no she rocked it she rocked it for the

further you know the barbacoa barrel




gomez yeah shout out shout out to

Rolando super tacos damn taco the size

of a stomach I did yeah I did my way

over here that Roy is taco shop is right

here and they have the best fucking

carne asada ever have you had it there

no okay we're talking taco shops I'm

gonna go a little bit more generic and

go to the Jalisco number fuckin 96

that's off Mar bak and 4/10 that has

this the second best chorizo in town

first of course is you know the easy

joke of mine but hoodies yeah that was

easy low hanging fruit and she hates

beer but yes they have the best shitty

show in town shout out to my Jalisco

whatever the fuck you're really called

just call it the Chili's yeah it's

fucking great really sits heavy we got

it down it we got it down it but that's

not how you're supposed to drink beer

right we have to it's a celebration

right hey listen guys listen

perfect hop dong today we are


yeah oh yeah they're young so it took me

a while to become a fan of IPAs because

the first time I tried an IP I hated it

drinking a pinecone growlers so so this

is say it again what's the name of it

hot dog


dank dick that's my new fucking AOL

screensaver name at dink dick a big dick

since o3g like that at EarthLink

but are they ever his see so he's a good

guy he's a good guy a badge a dick head

straight up



the one we're drinking Dixie big thing

man if Wang's your thing so I have to

say as an amateur beer drinker this does

taste like grapefruit rinds but but why

do most IPAs tastes like grapefruit


okay okay just straight up right I like


got it yeah yeah it's not really it's

not super nice yeah juicy hog do you see

do see dog I like it so what's the ABV

on this you know six point six alcohol

what does it stand for Jeremy how much

alcohol percentage so I drank a beer a

couple nights ago the superbee the one

where the fucking top of the can

actually comes out

Oh Harry we'll do a real quick shout out

we got Anthony I can't say your last

name from the Dana Cortes show here on

it on it I hope she builds a wall on his

cervix pussy powers politics - thank you

Trump is probably he's probably

releasing women all the time - turn left

- turn left hands to righties I'm immune

baby I'm immune ain't happening so I I

had a show last week I walked a trump

supporter and he caused this big scene

did you see that it was metal as fuck

like have you ever walked people at a

show at a fair show or at a girl in

comedy show based on politics yeah yeah

yeah yeah I know it was yeah cuz I'm

just straight up going trumps an idiot

making jokes about it and he got really

upset all I said was I went into a

little coma on Election Day and I woke

up to see the election in a hospital bed

and I said even though everything that's

happened in my success in my career has

happened I'll take it all back and just

be in that hospital bed still in a coma

and this is all a bad dream and any was

and then all of my frigging friends and

family went off on him it's so thrilling

cuz they're all like like he went

straight for the well not jugular but

it's straight for the uterus on any

female that like totem shit and it was

like it's a bad Trump bottle or busted

sandal and then you break the bottle you

break the bottle when you wanted like a

Trump blow-up doll that you can punch

okay oh I had one with rocky on one side

and clubber Lang on the other

I didn't it's like I never understood

pinatas growing up have you seen that

viral video of the I mean I understood

the fucking concept of what a pinata

does but like oh I love spider-man every

see in the video of the kid with

spider-man where he hugs it because he

doesn't yeah my daughter cries when the

piano comes out cuz she doesn't want to

hurt them she doesn't hurt it yeah so my

nephew had a Mickey Mouse pinata

and every time he hit I was like behind

a tree destroy what you love so they're

too strong like you get drunk quicker so

people so question then so if someone

drinks beer to get drunk would you

recommend a double IPA no but they're to

get drunk then not even this so you

could get it you can get even more boozy

than this that's that's gonna really

there is that wild blueberry thing it

was like a head like a bulldog on it

every guy's seen that it was like this

blueberry beer Red Dog no the wonder

looks like Batman 69 in the jig's ever

seen that logo look it up wild blue yeah

was wild blue is a blueberry beer and

we're drinking it we had a six-pack and

were like wow we're fucked up and it had

like a 8.9 avv yeah I'm using terms now

bro blueberry

what did you guys drink we were like it

what art is that an honest question the

the straight-up quick question is

whatever the the adult would buy me at

the corner store but it was a lot of mad

dogs and bud ice because that for some

reason was just around in the late 90s

for children to consume but yeah but are

you talking college days yeah what yeah

it was Lone Star's was has been a staple

I yeah it took me a while because I

hated Lone Star when I first tried it

because it tasted like skunk beer but

then I horked it down enough to where

I'm like yeah once you once you start

drinking bitter beer nobody goes back

yeah you don't go back to Lone Star what

about you funny what was your like my

uncle swears that bush and doe sekiz are

the same beer and he had me do a taste

test yeah he had he had two pint glasses

and it was like tell me which ones does

tackies and tell me what's ones bush but

he dressed them Bost oh yeah the bush

may i Mickey's yeah so they saw these

ads that Mickey's went back to glass

like that's a good thing yeah going back

to glass just making it more hood that's

what it is they just embracing their

hood you're smoking glass drinkin

Mickey's might as well have glass right

worse hangovers Nikki's was just yeah

got me through high school yeah $15 yeah

wait but fuzzy navel or Strawberry Hill

oh you're classy chick yeah $20 in my


that should taken me all I was that kid

at the high school parties that would

like drink a beer and drink like the

first like eighth of it and it would get

start to get warm and I just like

abandon leave it on a table and walk

away because you didn't like beer I

would always order a screwdriver right

when I turn oh yeah because that just

tastes good

alright I'm out of here guys sorry I'll

see you guys I'm on my chopper well you

know what I'll be honest I I went

straight edge because I got super mad

drunk when I was like 16 or 17 and

almost died in a car yeah and so I was

like okay I'm super straightedge so then

when I started doing comedy people would

offer and you know this being on stage

people buying any beers like fucking

crazy and if you're like trying to go

sober and stuff like that it's just

almost fucking impossible so we would we

would just tell them no thanks your buy

a shirt or you know whatever the fuck

and then we were in his in his club in

Corpus and and the owner said hey the

guy in the front row wants to buy drinks

what do you want and me and my partner

Regan who we did is do a thing for a

while we're like no no we're good we're

good and then he just gave us his mad

look walked away and came back with four

land sharks and goes give him away I

don't give a fuck and as a bar owner I

didn't realize that us denying them

buying his beer was taking business away

from the from the bar and I was like oh

shit I'm sorry so then I became a beer

drinker just to please the bar owners

that I was working for

so thanks capitalism awesome

like what would you do if someone denied

them buying a drink beat just beat the

shit out of them people want to buy you

shots and their yeah I just have them

make me bigshot you save the Liquor Mart

I mean when there's a musician's and you

know they're paying you guarantee and

it's a free show and they're yeah we've

done this and then turn around be like

hey you want this yeah exactly

cuz you don't wanna be fucked up on

stage I don't care what anybody says I

did it I did it I did it once to once on

beer once on like pain meds the fucking

worst experience of my life set ever and

I gained a bunch of punk fans which

we're pretty cool they fucking loved up

trashed I was kid acid man I don't want

to end up like they were thank you very

much busted sandal I'm a huge fan of

y'all's border what's-what's supporter

called yes that's that's my favorite


I do all the sales and distribution

outside of San Antonio yeah that is our

favorite child yeah is that right it

beers like so special ties good yeah

good god I'm gonna have to have one

before I leave

since busted sandals here cuz that's my

fucking favorite beer I like that over

Guinness straight up as Guinness not you

don't get because it's so big okay I

love beards given to me the reason that

people are so hardcore about craft beers

because the big beer people buy up all

the hops yeah so the little guys can't

make the beer like we love right right

and they buy up the shelf space at the

grocery stores and liquor stores so that

the little guys like busted sandal can't

get them here on the show and if you're

like me a local business owner shout-out

to barbacoa peril you we want to support

local right and I want to be able to

find busted sandal in the grocery store

instead of Guinness or Heineken right

Bud Light which is not made by my

friends and busted sandal is baby right

here acquaintance and they disguise it

right like Jeremy your firm believer in

that right of these big businesses

buying these small names right what's

actually going on in the beer industry

that's making us think that we're buying

craft beer well I was in the Burbank

Airport not too long ago and there was a

craft beer bar in the Burbank Airport

and no sign of Bud Light but tap handles

from Golden Road from Elysian from from

all breweries that got bought out so if

you think you're buying copier and let

me tell you this super fucked up part

okay because I'm super proud of this

podcast I have 17,000 listeners which is

pretty fucking awesome hey shadow guy

saw me out later as a comedy

right but guess what just started

happening Budweiser started buying beer

blogs and beer podcast and disguising

them as craft beer oh because and how

could I could ever compete with that cuz

I don't have that money I didn't have

barbacoa payroll money and we don't know

I fucking I Drive a 2010 that's the

fucking shit Volkswagen Jetta by the way

but like a dumb serve Allah Madeline


because they're trying to trick the

public into thinking like oh these are

craft beer brands but that's what I

think Trump did at the women's rally I

think he infiltrated like protesters you

know how he keeps claiming paid

protesters right for against his Trump

rally there are his paid protesters that

busted that Starbucks because what's

more stereotypical of a woman's March

since the doesn't in dilute of Starbucks

that was such a fucking man mentality

but because yeah cuz that guy can't

build a wall to save his life yeah that

blood is coming through over the place

yeah cuz you're gonna pay for it

walk it now Walgreens is gonna pay for

your tampons a Trump tampon maybe three

three inches long and to make it work

you have to pee on something I just

tweet back to him

pee pee tape PBT that's good you're not

blocked yet you're blocked by it by

trout not champagne blocking shit man he

loves he loves they hate he's a heel you

know he's a wrestling heel man that's

how he rounds up his base he blocked

Chrissy Teigen I've been trolling him

for years and all I put this sign was

nobody likes you

no hard hit anywhere nobody likes you

and he's like on the toilet right gross

right he probably blocked her cuz John

Legend sang at Brock's inauguration and

he's like oh that's that's his wife

Trump called Priebus into the know and

then someone put a clip of like Obama

during an interview and it flies like

buzzing around and Obama like he has his

hand on his lap because PETA fucking got

on his ass he's got an Obama says that's

not even a joke

PETA got it Obama's astir for killing

the the fly but Trump fucking sends a

hit man probably paid them a million

dollars of taxpayer money yeah fucking

you know why Mexican fly the Mexican

fucking fly happy birthday who doesn't

know I am very proud to be one-quarter

of the barbecue apparel family but the

designer media Huizar yes the owner of

the bar is here it's top shelf it's

great goose yeah funny it's great whose

vodka she designed my shirts to mine

Larry Garza load the via shirts so that

that talented lady all right I'm out of

here guys my helicopters so I've driven

a motorcycle and a helicopter

how was she wearing a jacket no she

that's her that's her thing we layer


I'm wearing a flannel I'm sub-conscience

I got a career where I can wear shorts

every day oh good for you man good for

you you're like an NBA player yeah

definitely like an NBA player I am so

fucking stoked for this do you have a

setlist already playing for next year

but to release and then for us to do

every single woman's got the devil

inside so we're playing smart from our

last release and all the rest and then

we are doing

not Oman that we're doing on one thing

clumsy sky oh I do as a fanboy as a

fanboy may I say that control is one of

my favorite songs period like cuz Garlin

becomes one of my favorite bands and I'm

just saying in front of me we're playing

here and also because on my album video

yeah but but or is that a is that a good


think about it if you want to get drunk

and you're a lightweight that's pretty


yeah exactly two beers and you're done

I got a starting four edibles for you

off the side the bottom guys know I used

to like I went to UT yeah oh shout out

college education humble brag and all we

did was smoke pot all the time I never

drink I just smoke pot all the time and

I'm not like oh good I'm killing life

right now

yeah then revisit it right years later

and I'm so uncomfortably high yeah no I

know exactly

not inedible but when he smoked smoked a

lot real hard yeah yeah see when I got

diagnosed with cancer everyone was

telling me all these fucking all this

shit all these beets and Gerson diets

and coffee enemas and I'm like whatever

right yeah and so chia seeds and then

when they said cannabis I was like all

right but you know I could smoke it

because I had a lung just removed so I

did a edible brownie and long story

short I thought I was gonna die in the

shower yeah it was I was thought I was

gonna drown in a shower yeah it was the

worst feeling I've ever had in my life

so I'm good I think it's our Mayan blood

blood yeah did you just tell me that or

did you tell me that a month ago

am I gonna be like this forever

and then you Google how to not be high

anymore and the first Google and then

the first response is why would you not

want to be high anymore yeah I hated

snort black pepper snort black pepper

Neil Young says our black pepper then

helped so if you're - hi guys snart

black pepper you heard it from larry

garza try it


why would I not want to be hired well I

can't wait we're keeping girl in a coma

man so alright thank you













you gotta let me cuz outside








you guys one more time

fucking give it up for girl in a coma



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those of you that listen to this show

know that I am madly in love with the

Alamo City so it is no surprise that

some of my favorite beers come from

Freetail brewing the unofficial beer of

San Antonio they make damn good food and

damn good beer so hang with the local

and check out Freetail brewing for more

information go to their website Freetail

brewing calm welcome to another week of

beer news on the she's crafty podcast

I'm your news giver I guess is a good

term for it Blake so this week we have a

couple of interesting things that I want

to talk about a couple of different

acquisitions that have occurred the most

notable one that everybody's talking

about the past couple of days is

Brooklyn brewing has purchased smash

stakes in both the funk works out of

Colorado and 21st amendment out of San

Francisco this is going to make for a

very interesting distribution agreement

and I presume it's going to be very

similar to develop Boulevard and

Ommegang it's going allow twenty-first

amendment beers to be sold in central

and east eastern US it's gonna allow

funk works to make its way to the west

coast and the East Coast and it's going

to help Bricklin further established its

market dominance on both the west coast

as well as Central Colorado area what's

interesting about this is that Brooklyn

actually sold a twenty four and a half

percent stake to Kirin out of Japan

which is a massive macro brewer however

because the stake was only twenty four

and a half percent Brooklyn can still be

considered a craft brewery by the

Brewers Association definition the other

purchase that we saw happen this week

that I find pretty interesting is

agony this is on the move last summer

when Lagunitas was only 50% owned by

Heineken they started courting a brewery

in Michigan called shorts just about

every drop of shorts that's brewed is

immediately sold they've been having

some issues with their distribution and

it's not problems per se it's they just

don't have the stock their beer is sold

within days of them brewing it it's

pretty awesome it's a good problem to

have and they needed a capital

investment so they started talking with

organ etus organy this is also invested

in breweries such as independents in

Austin and they came to an agreement the

deal got put on hold a few months ago

because with Heineken purchasing the

remaining 50% of Lagunitas that was

announced back in early May shorts

wanted to ensure that they were getting

into bed with the right partner well so

they went ahead and sold a 20% stake

which allows them to still be maintained

a craft brewery under the Brewers

Association definition it's kind of a

silly definition but it's kind of what

we go by nowadays so these are two

interesting mergers that have happened

in the past week it's going to be very

interesting to follow both of them I'm

very excited to see shorts start

appearing in more markets the capital

infusion should definitely be able to

allow them to buy much-needed fermenters

and sell staff and really get their beer

going more places in addition that looks

like we'll have hell or high water melon

coming to Texas here in the next couple

of years and I'm excited to see the move

with Kieran and Brooklyn and see how

they compete with the Duvel on the gang

Brooklyn conglomerate I don't have

nearly as much of a problem with smaller

breweries selling to other Brewers as I


breweries selling to companies such as

InBev and Miller Coors but this is still

going to be pretty interesting to watch

I haven't put it thoughts up on the the

beer with Blake Facebook page

facebook.com slash beer with Blake

the blog beerus bite calm however feel

free to go on to those sites and start

your own discussion feel free to go on

to the Facebook page and let's start a

conversation about this what do you see

is the pluses and minuses the pros and

the cons and which beers are you excited

to start seeing pop up in Central Texas

big thank you to Katherine for having me

on again this week delivering the beer

news again this was beer news on the

she's crafty podcast

I'm your host Blake have a wonderful

week and I will have more news for you

next week ok any horror movie and make

the plot better by giving them a beer ok

so we're going to go down the line you

guys are gonna judge cuz I'm not a good

judge here we go all right oh and let me

just say the winner the winner gets two

seats on the craft Cruiser brewery tour

hosted by me Oh yawning don't add

volunteers well the boat will pick you


exactly the I&S boat tell us your name

and where you're from

alright so my name is Fay and I am from

Fort Worth I came a little ways just to

come here and be with y'all okay so tell

me how we can make a movie better what

movie did you pick and how is it better

with a beer all right so the movie that

I picked is cabin in the woods

okay so the theme of cabin in the woods

is a bunch of kids go out to a cabin

they get fucked up by some zombies and

in the end there's these weird gods that

kill them essentially so the way I would

make it better is if the stoner guy who

almost lasted high off his ass already

which is a good thing he ended up having

a beer to give to the gods to just sit

back in that area and just get drunk and

hang out and talk about life very nice

side note I got stoned one time on

spring break and then drink beer and

puked my ass off the whole rest of the

thing yeah I'm not the sequel has more

diversity it's called cabin jungle fever

yeah okay who's next who's next

better with a beer better bear oh you

got pushed you got pushed I'm so I'm

well stationed in Oklahoma but I'm here

on leave it was not really a horde but I

chose that get out get out yeah so the

main like kind of the plot about this

one I was like there's this psycho and

survive anyone but like psycho white

family that psycho white nobody's

offended here they like kidnap black

people and they take over their body so

they can live like eternally which is

fucking crazy I know sorry spoilers yeah

Wow so the plot is black don't crack

alright got it and so I guess the way I

can make it better is instead of you

know this psycho white family just

kidnapping black people just I'll just

kick it have a beer you know just maybe

smoke some weed

you know just kick it yeah he said smoke

some weed you guys smell something going

on back here

it must be the taco shop across the


Chris the barber Chris the Gerber that

sounds fucking scary already Chris the

bar that sounds like a horror movie yeah

West Side San Antonio West Side who

hears from the west side of San Antonio


okay I could tell by the whistle yeah

all right okay so tell me what what's

the name what movie

Rosemary's Baby Rosemary's Baby hey at

the end when she sees the kid she had a

beer it would have been ours


so when she sees Satan's child she would

have been cool of it I like that

Rosemary's Baby all right next

okay what's your name Sophia all right

go homes Huskies what what movie did you

- the babadook all right in that movie

this mom is like losing her mind because

her little kids going like real psycho

if the mom had just had a goddamn beer

she would have let that little kid do

whatever you want cuz he desert to get

his ass in by that bothered you yeah



Bobby that movie made me wonder like a

Baba dude okay what's your name Fernando

Fernando where are you from Mexico

Monterrey Mexico

haha what a name

what movie what movie did you shoot it

yes okay how could it be better with a

beer first of all instead of coming over

a sewer

coming out of brewery yeah fucking tank

and just like the whole thing in like a

breed so instead of a sewer like yeah

better with a beer

alright so now now I want you guys bye

applause bye applause you guys tell me

who's who's coming on the brewery tour

is me it's all right here one



how many winners how many winners okay

one more time what - how many spots do

you have I true then give it it both of

them you guys must want to go

hi ladies hello first of all thank you

so much for letting us be for being part

of this show and for letting us come out

here and do this it's fucking awesome

you guys so tell tell my audience a

little bit about who you guys are and

what you guys have coming up here in the

near future if you can't we're going to


we've been around for how many years now


we have one two three four albums out

one of them is a cover record they were

all released some black card records we

took a little mini break so that Nina

could put out her fabulous solo record

and I could get sober had some issues

because we started so early I got into a

lot of things early and intensely but

now with this break a lot of good stuff

has come out of it with me doing my solo

record and figuring stuff out about

myself but the girls have had time for

themselves as well and they have their

band fรกรกรกรกรก which is Chicana punk

rock yeah off of black art records -

yeah so we've been doing that and right

now we're currently working that's super

exciting and we I know we were talking

about a little bit early it's very 90s

influences are saying

Nina's love in the 90s yeah so they're

saying my rights here I'm gonna say that

every time so their estate is very 90s

influenced Nina tell us a little bit

about why it's so not he's influenced or

how it's not he's influenced well I like

to think like our first record both

before I'm gone it was very raw and I

like to think that that album has a bit

of a grunge vibe to it because of how

raw and just to the point a lot of the

songs weren't just fun you know and I

want to capture that energy again but

we've grown so much as musicians now

and I feel like we're pushing ourselves

a little more into knowing that funny is

an amazing rock drummer Jan makes these

melodic bass lines that you know are

one-of-a-kind you know she doesn't just

and now because we've had this break I

know what their strengths are and any

weaknesses we're gonna work on them and

I know what my strengths are but I just

always feel like if we were a band in

the 90s we things would have been

totally different for us but I want to

capture that sound now I just always

loved the 90s you know guys take a lot

of mature I'm still wearing open

flannels I wear my dogs you know but the

girls I'm jealous of them cuz they

really really like they got to go to

shows and all this stuff we met over a

Kurt Cobain when he died yeah but you're

around 12 three teen what my first

concert was Stone Temple Pilots at

sunken gardens yeah right we saw so many

times we were at that concert crowd I

crowd sir

my denim overalls my head like so I have

a question as a fan because I'm a fan

I'm a girl in a coma fanboy

okay so I know you're gonna you're gonna

play the song later but El Monte all

right is that about the street yeah I

had a relationship in the past where

I've been engaged a couple times in my

life some of them I'm actually engaged

now but we sent out the invitations it's

a real thing and we run away bride I'm

actually engaged to my drummer no horses

no horses the horse is allowed at the

wedding okay doing it doing it doing it

good our second I was proposed to on

Ilum one day and it was kind of like my

wedding right to him but it was on El

Montay street because my wife is a big

fan too and I've argued like I'm like no

because her mom lived in Oman thing and

I'm like I sort of got it it's about the

street and for the listeners not from

San Antonio

Elmont is it's not the hood but it's not

it's like a little border lining yeah

it's got that big

Monte's shout out shout out to

congratulations thank you I'm sure my

yeah thank you

so what what songs you guys gonna think

right now we are doing on one thing okay

from the sky which is off of our first

record awesome well I'm super excited

thank you so much guys



picture me we are right now some things

can happen

staring off now to the sky we're staring

off now push hard just play down












in smash





am i just another




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